Vacation Guide

The #TEAMFAIL Vacation Guide

This guide will help ease the worry of travel & provide an easy to follow outline to finish your vacation with a WIN! Inside you will find:


  • Which supplements to travel with
  • How to pack & plan for TSA
  • How to tackle alcohol consumption
  • Simple swaps to utilize every day & during vacation
  • Hotel workouts, & more!


In order to gain access to the Team Fail Vacation Guide you will need to provide your 1st Phorm Confirmation number. The 1st Phorm confirmation number can be found at the bottom of any email from 1st Phorm after a purchase. Any old valid 1st Phorm confirmation number will work, so no need in getting a new one. If you have never shopped 1st Phorm and unsure where to start, please feel free to message me! I am happy to help customize based on your goals! If you live outside of the US & Canada, please email me and I will assist you!

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