The Mind of Man Podcast

Jenna Fail is an Elite Athlete with 1st Phorm (and cat mom!) and she and her husband Chris have been together for 15 years. Chris and Jenna sat down and answered a bunch of your relationship-related questions and discussed how they’ve been able to maintain such a healthy, happy relationship after a decade and a half…and even discuss some things they’ve never talked about publicly. This is a great episode for both our male and female listeners! Enjoy!

15 Minutes of Freedom

Today on the show we have 1st Phorm Elite Trainer and social influencer Jenna Fail. After entering a challenge through 1st Phorm’s website, Jenna’s career began to take shape. Join us as we chat about how her career has developed through the years, tips for people that want to grow their following, and how her following came together to help her in a time of need.

Food In Session

Jenna Fail, who helped over 1,500 people get in shape in 2016 alone, joins us in the studio!  Jenna, a busy diet and training coach, has been through many stages of fitness and finds ways to motivate others and makes getting healthy a joy.  Plus, hear about the fad diets that we have unfortunately tried in our past!